Lisa's Doggone Grooming

Picture Gallery

 This is Goliath.  He is a little dog with a big happy attitude, and he gets a very special trim that reflects his unique personality.  He is a favorite, because he's always such a happy boy, and likes his haircut.

 This is Noggin.  Noggin is a favorite of mine.  This haircut earned an honorable mention in the first petgroomer/double K photo contest.

This is Meeko.  His picture with his eyes open is about as elusive as big foot.  He is not a fan of the camera, so when I managed to snap this photo I had to include it here.  He's a cute boy with a couple of poodle playmates at home.  Just look at that face...

This is Zoe the pomeranian.  Zoe just gets a little scissor trimming to neaten her up a little. Mom and dad like the natural look.